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Winter Tires | Sauk City, WI

Ford Winter Tires

When winter arrives and the weather gets dangerous, it’s important that you do everything you can to prepare your car for snowy weather. That isn’t just limited to topping off your fluids and checking your heating. Proper preparation for cold temperatures also involves getting ready for snowy roads. That’s why it’s important to equip your vehicle with winter tires.

Winter tires (also called snow tires) are not just regular tires with a special name. They’re actually made of a different rubber material than regular tires which provides increased grip on the road when other tires would slip. The tire tread is also deeper and more defined to offer even greater traction. You’ll stop faster when braking, won’t slide as much, and won’t lose control when turning.

Winter tires are different than all-season tires, which has rubber that hardens at cold temperature and loses traction during winter. Just because your car has four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive doesn’t mean you don’t need winter tires either. Those send power to all four tires but don’t help with braking—so traction is still crucial when stopping.

Winter tires should be installed in sets of four to avoid uneven traction and spinning on the road. Investing in winter tires might seem like an unnecessary cost, but the difference they make on the roads is worth the money.

If you live in places that regularly reach temperatures below 45 degrees during winter, like it does here in Wisconsin, it’s recommended that you switch your all-season tires for winter ones. To have that done, contact the service department at Courtesy Ford and we’ll get you rolling.



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