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Why Buy a Vehicle with 4WD | Sauk City, WI


Four-wheel drive is a kind of drive system that can deliver power to all four tires and is most effective in off-road conditions. There are three kinds of 4WD that work well for different kinds of drivers and driving conditions.


The first kind of 4WD is full-time, which means that the 4WD is always engaged and has three differentials sending power to the wheels so that they can all move at different speeds. This allows the 4WD vehicle to be driven on any surface, including pavement and off-road.

Another kind is part-time 4WD, which has 2-wheel and 4-wheel modes, and when the 4WD is engaged the transfer case sends equal power to all four wheels, meaning they all go the same speed. Part-time 4WD shouldn’t be engaged on pavement, as it can damage the drivetrain.


Automatic 4WD uses the same system as part-time, but when in 2WD it can automatically engage the 4WD when it detects slippage, giving you better traction. Automatic and full-time are the most useful to the average driver, but they achieve the same effect as AWD, which is typically less expensive. 


There is a place for 4WD, though—it’s the best in severe road conditions, so if you regularly drive in areas that get heavy snow, you might want a 4WD vehicle. And obviously 4WD is the best option for driving off-road on sand and dirt.


If you’re shopping for Ford vehicles that can handle any kind of terrain, the F-series of trucks and the Ford Explorer are a couple of options that will let you do any kind of work or play. 


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