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Benefits of Buying a Used Car | Sauk City, WI


When it comes time for you to purchase a vehicle, there are several decisions you will need to make. Perhaps the most important of these decisions is whether to buy a new or used vehicle. New vehicles certainly have a charm to them, possessing some of the latest technology.

However, there are several benefits of buying used vehicles that you may want to consider carefully. 


Lower Price Tags


The latest technologies featured inside new vehicles come with a much larger price tag! By choosing to buy a used vehicle instead of a new one, you could end up saving a lot more money for yourself.


Lower Depreciation Rates


In regards to saving money, another way that purchasing used vehicles can help out is through their lower depreciation rates. Used vehicles do a much better job at retaining resale value than new vehicles, as the value of many new vehicles immediately drops right after you purchase them! 


Wider Varieties of Vehicles


You don’t have the widest range of choices when you choose to buy a new vehicle. Meanwhile, the options for used vehicles span back many years and might just include models that are not a part of the current vehicle lineup!



Automakers typically offer higher interest rates on used vehicles but Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are another matter. Dealerships tend to offer attractive financing rates for CPO models since the manufacturer has vetted them.


Ask your local dealership about the financing rate of a new car, used car, and Certified Pre-Owned model. The most affordable long-term loan might surprise you.


When it boils down to the fine details, a used car is cheaper to insure than a new model. Since it costs less to replace a used car, most insurance companies offer aggressively low rates on used models compared to their new counterparts.


Insurance tends to be a factor most drivers fail to factor in until the time of purchase. Fortunately, buying a used car means there’s less risk when it comes to covering your investment.


Vehicle History Reports

Finding out how a car was treated was a major problem when one wanted to buy a used car in the past but not anymore. The availability of Vehicle History Reports, whether from dealerships or individuals, has made finding out the nitty gritty details of the car’s history a breeze. Information included on a report includes the number of previous owners, title history, and previous registration status.


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